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[Math 5] - Movement exercises

Cập nhật: 26/2/2021 | 6:50:40 PM

Movement in reality is a topic of great interest and research in Physics. The exercises below show the relationship between distance, velocity, and time. Quantities are required to be calculated with basic levels, helping you to practice and understand more about the problem. Definition: distance (khoảng cách), time (thời gian), speed (tốc độ)

🌳 5.1. At 6:15, a person travels from A to B. He arrives B at 9:15 and the distance AB is 135km. What is his speed?

🌳 5.2. It takes 2 hours for a car to travel from A to B at 50km/h. How long does it take for a motorbike to travel from A to B at 40km/h?

🌳 5.3. A car travels from A to B in 5 hours. During the first 2 hours, the car’s speed is 40km/h and during the last 3 hours, the car’s speed is 50km/h. Find the average speed of the car.

🌳 5.4. After school, Lan walks back home at speed of 4km/h. After 15 minutes, her father picks her up and gets back home at speed of 40km/h. How long is it from Lan’s house to school? Given that her father takes her back home in 6 minutes. 

🌳 5.5. A car travels 90km in 1.5 hours. How long does it take for the car to travel 135km at the same speed?

🌳 5.6. At 7:00, a motorbike travels from A to B at 40km/h. At the same time, a car travels from B to A at 45km/h. What time do they meet each other given that distance AB is 127.5km?

🌳 5.7. A car travels from A, passing B to C. At the same time, a motorbike travel from B to C. After 3 hours 48 minutes, the car meets the motorbike. AB is 102.6km and the car’s speed is 5/3 of the motorbike’s. Find the speed of the car. 

🌳 5.8. Distance AB is 120km. At 5:00, a car travels from A to B in 2 hours and 30 minutes. At the same time, a motorbike travels from A to B at the speed equal 2/5 of the car’s. How long, after the car arrives B, does the motorbike arrive B?

👉 The practice exercises on Percentage: HERE

👉 Hope they will actively study to achieve the best results.

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