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[Math 5] - Percentage exercises

Cập nhật: 26/2/2021 | 6:30:11 PM

Percentage exercises appear in many ways in life. Here are the basic exercises for you to get acquainted, review your knowledge. Definition: percent (phần trăm), percentage (tỉ số phần trăm)

⚡ 3.1. 20% of a number equals 9.5. What is the number?

⚡ 3.2. In a regular Math test, 72.5% of class 5A students got Excellent score, 20% got Good score and the other 3 students got Average score. How many students got Excellent score?

⚡ 3.3. 57.5% of class 5E students are girls. The number of boys has 6 students less than that of girls. How many students are there in class 5E?

⚡ 3.4. In semester I, 90% of students got Good score. The principal thought that if 45 more students got Good score, there would be 95% of students getting Good score. How many students got Good score in semester I?

⚡ 3.5. Cube A has its side equal 2 times of the side of cube B. Find the percentage between cube B’s total surface area and cube A’s

⚡ 3.6. In order to increase the volume of a cuboid tank, people increase the length of the tank and keep the width and the height unchanged. The area of the base increases by 75% and the tank can contain 1500 more liters of water. Find the volume of the tank before change?

⚡ 3.7. 55% of students in a school are boys. The number of boys is 120 more than that of girls. How many students in the school?

⚡ 3.8. In an event, a shop discounted a phone’s price by 10% and still got 8% profit. If the shop had not discounted the phone’s price, how much would the profit have been?

⚡ 3.9. In 3 days, a group of workers fixed a road of 3km50m. On day 1, the group fixed 30% of the road, on day 2, the group fixed 45% of the road. What is the length of the road did the group fix on day 3?

⚡ 3.10. If the length of a rectangle increases by 25%, how many percent does the width decrease so that the area is unchanged?

♻  The practice exercises on decimals: HERE

Hope they will actively study to achieve the best results.

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