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[English 12] - Bài tập tổng hợp cả năm có đáp án - phần 1

Cập nhật: 18/11/2017 | 12:29:26 AM

Casestudy24h gửi các bạn một số bài tập English tổng hợp

Casestudy24h gửi các bạn một số bài tập English tổng hợp


            I - TOPICS:

    1. Endangered Species

    2. Books

    3. Water Sports

    4. The 22nd SEA Games

    5. International Organizations

    6. Women in Society

    7. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations

            II - PRONUNCIATION:

1. Full and contracted forms of Auxiliaries

2. Rhythm

3. Elision

4. Linking

5. The falling tune

6. The rising-falling tune

7. The rising tune   

            III - GRAMMAR:

1. Modal in the passive voice

2. Transitive / intransitive verbs

3. Comparative + and + comparative

4. The + comparative, the + comparative

5. Phrasal verbs

6. Adverbial clauses of time

Các dạng bài tập cơ bản

Thời gian: 90 phút

A. Chọn phương án trả lời đúng (tương ứng với A, B, C, D) cho mỗi câu sau:

1. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

A. Describe                                  B. Feature                                C. Cancer                                D. Birthmark              

2. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

A. Adequate                                 B. Ambition                             C. Admission               D. Umbrella               

3. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

A. Ceremony                    B. Petroleum               C. Relationship                        D. Astonishment

4. Choose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part.

A. Diabetes (iz = đái đường)                                           B. recipe                                             

C. degrade                                                                                                D. catastrophe

5. Choose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part.

A. Apparent                                  B. Natural                                C. Safety                                 D. Accident

6. I planned to go for a walk but the rain put me ____ the idea.

A. of                                 B. off                                       C. against                                D. on

7. It isn't ____ worrying about the traffic. We'll only be a few minutes late.

A. of value                       B. important                            C. worth                                  D. necessary

8. I remembered ____ up in that house with my brothers and sisters

A. to grow            B. to growing                          C. grow                                   D. growing

9. After running up the stairs I was quite ____ breath.

A. beyond             B. from                                    C. out of                                  D. without

10. Has Tony's book ____ yet?

A. brought out      B. come out                             C. drawn up                D. published

11. The inspector ____ to say whether there were any suspects.

A. avoided                        B. denied                     C. refused                                D. stopped


12. I regret ____ that your application has been unsuccessful.

A. say                               B. saying                     C. have said                 D. to say

13. The hotel was terrible, but the wonderful beach ____ our disappointment.

A. got over                       B. faced up to                          C. saw to                                 D. made up for

14. Jack has decided to ____ the time he spends watching television.

A. come up with               B. cut down on            C. run out of                D. see to

15. Helen is very excited ____ going to work in Germany.

A. about                            B. for                           C. with                        D. to

16. ____ did I realise that the burglar was still in the house.

A. Only after             B. Only then                       C. Seldom                               D. Under no circumstances

17. In the old days it was not considered lady____ for a woman to smoke in public if at all.

A. like                 B. ful                           C. ish                           D. worthy

18. They haven't really been to China, ____ they?

A. were                B. did                                      C. have                                    D. had

19. My husband, ____ favourite hobby is stamp collecting, has many rare stamps

A. whom                          B. whose                                 C. which                                  D. that

20. I disagree. My ideas are entirely opposite ____ yours.

A. to                                 B. from                                    C. of                                        D. against

21. Some people never set ____ to become rich and famous

A. up                         B. out                     C. off                           D. across

22. I didn't learn much Greek ____ I was in Crete.

A. as                          B. during                C. since                       D. while             

23. The more ____ we walk the longer it will take us to get home

A. slowly                          B. slower                                 C. slowest                    D. slow

24. I'd rather you ____ smoke in the office

A. couldn't                        B. mustn't                    C. shouldn't                 D. didn't             

25. A certificate from Cambridge University is a valuable ____.

A. examination                 B. qualification            C. production              D. paper

26. I'll go shopping with you ____ I can get back in time for the lecture at 2 p.m.

A. in order that                 B. so that                     C. such that                 D. as long as             

27. I'd strongly ____ against staying up late the night before an important examination.

A. argue                           B. advise                                 C. recommend             D. suggest             

28. He turned ____ the offer of a new job and stayed with his present employer.

A. up                    B. down                                  C. out                                      D. off

29. You should take an umbrella. ____ it rains and you get wet.

A. Although                     B. What                       C. Suppose                  D. In case

30. The food will be wonderful if you follow the ____ carefully.

A. instructions      B. plan                         C. receipt                     D. recipe 



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